Gene activity measurements in the agricultural chain

NSure is a global leader in gene activity measurements in the agricultural chain. All living organisms, including all agricultural crops, contain genes which control nearly all biological processes. By measuring gene activity, NSure is able to detect developmental changes or treatment effects at the earliest possible moment. Changes that may strongly affect the quality of your crop.

Do you encounter challenges during cultivation or storage of your crop? Our expert- and highly motivated employees would gladly make an appointment. Together, we will evaluate whether our technology can contribute to the optimisation of your production chain. In our state-of-the-art laboratory in Wageningen, we apply innovative technology to measure the invisible molecular changes in crops. Together with our customers, we turn this knowledge in a range of practical applications that make a valuable contribution to further improvement of the agro chain.

Decisions in the agro chain

NSure technology helps customers around the globe to take well-founded decisions that lead to higher productivity, increased efficiency and better quality, as well as decreased harvest- and storage losses, and a better understanding of the biological mechanisms inside the plant.

Treatment response

Insight in the processes that steer crops is relevant for producers of agrochemicals and biostimulants who would like to understand the biological processes that are induced in response to their products. In addition, NSure’s measurements can be used as a reliable tool for determining the optimal timing of application, and for optimising the formulation or dosage of agents.