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NSure presents new results

The 2010 meeting of the Washington State Horticultural Association is held in Yakima, WA (December 5 – 9).  NSure is present at this meeting and will show the initial results of the trials that were performed this year in co-operation with local apple growers.

The trials were meant to validate the NSure maturation tests in local conditions. An important aspect is the fact that in the VS (contrary to Europe) maturation influencing chemicals such as Harvista and Retain are being used. Furthermore, NSure wanted to validate the RipeNSure tests for Honeycrisp apples. This is an upcoming US -bred, variety that will become very important to the industry in the coming years.

De first results show that NSure’s maturation index works very well in the Washington State conditions. It is important though, to mention the use of Retain or Harvista when a sample is sent to NSure’s test lab in Wenatchee. Both chemicals do influence the gene-activity.

Honeycrisp testing did not result in any surprises. The RipeNSure tests are highly reliable in this variety. This confirms the added value of NSure technology over traditional measurements, for which a database of many years is required to reach a certain level of reliability in harvest time prediction.