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Nomination Fruit Logistica INNOVATION AWARD 2011

The StoreNSure test for Conference Pear has been nominated for the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award. An expert panel of judges has selected the NSure product as being one out of 10 most outstanding innovations of the last year.

The StoreNSure Pear test can predict whether a batch of pears is likely to loose their firmness or develop internal browning or cavity during long term storage. This is done by taking a small sample from the batch around harvest time and sending a little bit of its juice (on a special card) to the NSure laboratory. Within two days, NSure will report the status of the batch.

Until very recently, it was only possible to study the characteristics of a batch of pears present at the moment of testing. Predicting future characteristics was impossible. The NSure technology (patent pending) has made it possible to start predicting its FUTURE CHARACTERISTICS, such as the development of internal disorders. Despite the existing Controlled Atmosphere technology or the use of ripening inhibitors, specific batches of Conference Pears can still develop serious quality problems while in storage. Using the NSure laboratory test, a grower will know which batch is likely to lose its quality and can choose to pack and distribute it well before the problems will occur. The grower or packer will save himself from financial damage and the consumer will buy a Conference Pear without internal problems. At this moment, StoreNSure Pear is available for Conference Pears. Tests for other pear and apple varieties are being developed according to demand.

The StoreNSure test will be presented at a special display area for all nominated products during the Fruit Logistica 2011. You may also visit us in our stand at the Fruit Logistica: Hall 3.2 Booth A-09