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FreshNSure Apple extended to more varieties

NSure expanded its existing FreshNSure Apple test to a wider range of common varieties. From now on, the test can also be used for the apple varieties Golden Delicious and Pink Lady.


The FreshNSure Apple test determines whether a batch of apples has been treated with 1-MCP, a chemical that improves storability and shelf life. 1-MCP leaves no residue after treatment. However, the FreshNSure test clearly demonstrates whether or not 1-MCP has been applied based on the activity of a specific set of genes. NSure’s test is now available for following common apple varieties: Gala, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious (new), Fuji, Granny Smith, Elstar, Jonagold, Pink Lady (new) or any of their mutants.

Apart from validating the FreshNSure test for new varieties, NSure also aims at improving the test specifications. We are currently investigating if it’s possible to advance the detection moment to one month after start of storage (instead of 3 months).

Furthermore, we are continously improving our services. Therefore, we launched an updated sampling video that shows our easy sampling method step by step.

Are you interested in the FreshNSure test or its possibilities for your business or varieties? Please, feel free to contact us. We’ll keep you informed about new developments through our digital newsletter and website.