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NSure extends distribution network FreshNSure

June 2017, Wageningen

Collaboration with Greit analytical laboratories opens the Italian market

Greit analytical laboratories, a well-known chemical and microbiological laboratory based in Bologna (IT) and NSure B.V., a high tech laboratory for the agri-food industry in Wageningen (NL), have recently signed an agreement for exclusive distribution and soon for the analysis of FreshNSure tests in Italy as well.



NSure developed the FreshNSure Apple and Pear test, which determine whether a batch of fruits has been treated with 1-MCP. Fruits are treated with 1-MCP to protect them from the adverse effect of ethylene, thereby improving shelf life and storability. Because 1-MCP delays ripening, it is applied in storage to maintain quality of recently harvested apples and pears. However, the use of 1-MCP is sometimes not desirable or even forbidden, like in organic production. Because 1-MCP leaves no residue, it is not possible to express the difference between treated or non-treated fruit using residue analyses. The FreshNSure test, however, clearly demonstrates whether or not 1-MCP has been applied based on the activity of a specific set of genes.


Greit analytical laboratories and NSure aim at increasing FreshNSure test sales in Italy, an important fruit producing country holding high quality standards and a growing interest in organic produce. Via Greit, a multitude of potential customers can be reached. Service and support will improve, while distances and language problems will diminish. Therefore, collaboration between Greit and NSure will valuably extend the FreshNSure distribution network in Europe.

Lorenzo Petrini, head of the Greit laboratory in Bologna


Call for additional distribution partners
NSure is currently searching for additional distributors and laboratories in countries around the world. Please, let us know if you are interested. We gladly discuss the opportunities.


Are you interested in the FreshNSure test and its possibilities for your business or varieties? Please, feel free to contact us!

Press release Greit (IT)