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Improved decision making by measuring gene activity

Plants, including all agricultural crops, are sophisticated organisms that are perfectly capable of responding to their environment. They respond to, for example, heat or pathogens, but also to the application of fertilisers or biostimulants. In fact, changes in gene activity are among the first responses to occur, often long before any visual changes to the plant become apparent. 

NSure is specialised in developing practical tools based on gene activity measurements in order to monitor crop development or to understand how plants respond to treatments with for instance biostimulants. The information obtained via gene activity measurements can be used to support crucial decision making for a successful harvest or optimal storage. Or, it provides insight into the mode of action of a particular product.

Innovative technology called NGS 
Using an innovative technology, called Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), it is possible to look at the activity of thousands of genes simultaneously. This means that, all genes involved in the plant’s response can be identified. NGS can be used on all plants, making it feasible to perform genome-wide gene activity profiling in any kind of agricultural crop. So, by using NGS to compare treated vs. untreated plants, all genes involved in the crops’ response to a given treatment can be identified.

In recent years, NSure has become particularly strong in the analysis and interpretation of such complex NGS data. Together with partners, this knowledge has been turned into a range of practical applications that provide added value to the agricultural production chain. 

Reliable support for decision-making 
NSure already developed tests to determine a wide range of qualitative and physiological aspects in tree seedlings (ColdNSure), ornamentals (BloomNSure) as well as in fruits (FreshNSure and BreakNSure) and vegetables (StoreNSure). NSure’s gene activity measurements can also be used as a practical and reliable tool for determining the optimal moment of application of agrochemicals and biostimulants (ActNSure).

For the biostimulant industry, gene activity measurements provide an attractive means to shed light on the mode of action of its products. It is an objective and science-based way to support product claims. This approach highly contributes to the industry, as it facilitates searching for innovative products with high added value.