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Positive response BreakNSure Hayward season

In August 2016, NSure successfully launched its ‘BreakNSure Hayward’ test for kiwifruit in New Zealand. This test enables growers to optimise the application timing of their budbreak enhancer, which increases the percentage of budbreak, optimises king flowers and tightens the flowering window. A survey was held to learn how the early adapters appreciated this innovative test.

We were very happy with a response of almost 50% on our BreakNSure survey. In general, customers were (very) positive. Some results in more detail:
  • 90% of the respondents rated general service (courier bag, availability of the test, turnaround time and customer service) “good” to “very good”;
  • Nearly 70% of the respondents, acted upon the result of the test. Main reason for not acting upon the result is holding on to traditional methods to time the application moment;
  • From the respondents that acted upon the test results , 65% believed their budbreak results improved. 35% believed using the test didn’t make a difference. No one believed their budbreak results were worse;
  • Nearly 70% of the respondents rated our test as “value for money”; 
  • 90% of the respondents rated their general experience of using the BreakNSure Hayward test as positive and 95% of the respondents would consider to use BreakNSure G3. 

The NSure team is very happy with this positive feedback and will implement some suggestions for improvements.