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Financing for international growth

NSure, an innovative Dutch company based in Wageningen, made the first step towards realization of its ambitious plans for international growth, by attracting a new investor.

The company is a high-tech laboratory for the agro-food industry, and has proven to be highly successful in translating state-of-the-art bioscience into practical applications. NSure has been established in 2006 by two scientists from Wageningen University and Research Centre. The company measures and predicts a wide range of quality aspects in fruit, vegetables and ornamentals using a unique, molecular technology. Being highly accurate, the patented NSure method has large advantages over current test methods and has proven to be a solid basis for the commercial success of the company. Six month after the start of the activities NSure realized the first market introduction in the Netherlands. Since 2008 NSure tests are being sold in other West-European countries, such as Germany, Sweden, Austria, Italy and France.     

Nsure’s ambitions, however, reach beyond Western Europe. CEO Dr. Monique van Wordragen: “ Our customers operate in a global market. European retailers source fresh produce from countries such as Chile, South-Africa and New Zealand. In order to provide optimal service to our customers, we want to be able to offer our technology in those regions as well.”  Next to expanding the service regions for existing tests, NSure will also develop several new assays, aimed specifically at commodities for which post harvest quality is difficult to control. 

To realize the international growth strategy NSure needs to invest in laboratory facilities in all major production regions. An international sales organization will be established as well. Next to an additional investment of the present shareholders, the capital for these plans will be provided by Madeli Participations BV.. Madeli is owned by the De Ruiter family, that has been involved in the seed business for 3 generations. Madeli invests in R&D driven companies in the agro industry. The new shareholder is a strong strategic partner for NSure, because of the broad network and experience in the agro-food business. Madeli will actively contribute to the international development of NSure.