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Change in NSure Management

Monique van Wordragen, NSure’s present CEO and founder, will resign from her position in the operational management on March 1st 2013. Monique van Wordragen continues to be involved with the company as shareholder and as chair of the newly established scientific board.  As of March 1, the position of managing director will be fulfilled by Ton van Berkel. As a co-founder and shareholder of NSure Van Berkel has been actively involved in the growth of the company from its start in 2006.

The management change marks a new stage in the development of NSure. During the first years, led by molecular biologist Van Wordragen, the company’s focus was on further developing the technology and setting up the marketing of the first commercial tests. A strong portfolio of reliable tests has currently been built that illustrates the broad applicability of NSure’s innovative technology. In coming years the emphasis will mainly be on commerce and further international expansion, and less on science and technology. Ton van Berkel is a strong, experienced manager who has the skills and qualifications required to make the transition from a technical focus to a market oriented approach.

Van Wordragen: ‘My strength and expertise is mainly in innovation management – I like the challenge implicated in the application and valorization of state-of-the-art technical and scientific knowledge. NSure’s technology has been proven, the central point of attention of the management should now be on commerce and development. Therefore, I decided to move over and make room for a managing director with a strong entrepreneurial profile. In the present stage of NSure’s development I am convinced that this is the right choice, both for the company and for me.‘

As a next step in her career, Monique van Wordragen will now dedicate her expertise as R&D Manager to the Dutch seed technology provider Incotec. As of March 2013, she will manage Incotec’s International Technology Research Department.