Upcoming events

25-27 March
InfoAg International conference & Exhibition
Dublin (IR)

14-16 April
Crop Innovation & Business
Amsterdam (NL)

1-2 May
2nd US Biostimulants meeting 
St Louis (USA)

8-10 May 
Rimini (IT)

21-22 May
Plant Genomics and Gene Editing Congress
Rotterdam (NL)

Stay informed of the latest news of NSure

Any quality issues in your supply chain?

NSure’s technology can help you make more informed decisions in your supply chain by looking at the processes going on inside your fruit or vegetables. 

The possibilities of the NSure technology are endless. For any fresh agro product and quality issue we can either study the underlying biological activity or develop a test kit that can be used on a daily basis to take practical management decisions.
Since its inception, NSure has worked on tests to:
-      Follow and compare the ripening of fruits such as apples, kiwis and grapes.
-      Predict storage problems such as internal browning, cavities or loss of firmness.
-      Analyse the susceptibility for produce to pathogen based storage or transport losses.
-      Determine the optimum application timing of agrochemicals.
-      Identify key physiological moments such as the end of dormancy, responsiveness to ethylene and the start of winter hardiness.

Do you recognize any of the above as critical in your supply chain, and would you like to have a better grip on the decisions you make? Please connect with us at the Fruit Logistica  (Hall 3.2/ D-13) or call us to make an appointment.