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Introduction of StartNSure Kiwifruit

The StartNSure Kiwifruit is developed in a cooperative project between Zespri, the world’s largest marketer of kiwifruit and NSure. Early harvested fruit is an important part of Zespri’s aim to create a worldwide, year round supply of kiwifruit. 

The earliest kiwis are picked early in the season, and ripened with ethylene on their way to the consumer market. Present methods to determine whether the fruit has achieved sufficient maturity to be ripened rely on derived aspects of maturity such as total soluble solids and firmness. These methods cannot accurately predict the sensitivity to ethylene, creating extra QC costs for Zespri at the destination port in order to guarantee the same quality and taste as in the more mature main-season product. The molecular technology of NSure represents a new standard in quality control. It was successfully applied to develop the StartNSure for Kiwifruit, that is able to determine whether the genes that control ethylene sensitivity have been activated. Using the StartNSure for Kiwifruit, Zespri can improve inventory management of kiwis being transported around the world, resulting in savings in QC in destination ports and most important: deliver a sweet and tasty kiwifruit to every consumer!