Upcoming events

11-13 June
Amsterdam (NL)

29-30 July
Biostimulant CommerceCon
Atlantic City (USA)

30 July - 1 August
Agribusiness Trade Summit
Atlantic City (USA)

18-21 November 
NewAg World Biostimulant Congress
Barcelona (ES)

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NSure’s focus

Our technology is applicable to all crops and a wide variety of issues. This provides many opportunities, however,  for our customers it is sometimes unclear what they can expect from us. Therefore we have decided to focus on three central topics. Within these topics NSure’s  technology is already being applied very successfully.   

Physiological switches
The development of cold tolerance, the formation and breaking of bud dormancy and the transition from vegetative to generative growth are examples of important switching points in plant development. A standardized advice regarding these switching points will provide the opportunity to take well-founded decisions.

Early warning
Early detection of infections, caused by pathogenic organisms during cultivation or storage, can limit or even prevent consequential damages. NSure does not measure the pathogens themselves but the immune response of the plant. 

Effects of treatments and agents
NSure provides knowledge and evidence of the effect of crop protection products and biostimulants. Customers use this knowledge for the optimization of treatments, the formulation and the dosage of crop protection products and biostimulants. An optimal application (timing) of inputs based on an understanding of the physiological state of the crops leads to a significant increase in efficiency and effectiveness of the treatment. This, in turn, leads to a higher level of production and a better quality.