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NSure present at conference Brussels

Informa LifeScience organizes the conference ’Biostimulants and Plant Growth’ from 18 - 21th May 2015 in Brussels.  The conference has been specifically designed to provide guidance on the latest regulatory developments as well as explore the most novel scientific innovations currently being developed within the biostimulant industry.

Dr. Frank Hoeberichts, Senior researcher at NSure, will give a presentation on  the second day of the conference at the session ’Understanding Mechanisms and Mode of Action to Help Support Your Claim’ . The title of his presentation will be ’Listen to the Genes. Insights into the Effects of Biostimulants Through Gene Activity Measurements’

In his presentation Dr. Hoeberichts will talk about the application of genomic techniques to study the mode of action of biostimulants. He will also include some practical examples of projects that are being carried out with pioneering companies of our industry. 

Biostimulants and Plant Growth Conference
Biostimulants and Plant Growth Conference