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Marktintroduction Strawberry test

On September 4th, at the National Strawberry Demo Day, NSure will launch the ’StoreNSure Strawberry officialy. This test provides a good solution for an annual problem that both breeders and growers also affects strawberry plants.

Strawberry tray plants are reaped in autumn at the time that the plants are fully dormant. During transition, the activity of specific genes will increase and decrease. NSure investigates whether the changes in genetic activity are related to winter dormancy.

The project was a cooperation between EuroStars, NSure, DLV Plant and various parties in the strawberry sector. In the study of the optimal harvesting time and storability of the starting material, good results have been achieved. NSure has studied which molecular changes in the strawberry plant can be used as indicators for a fully ripened plant. Currently, all parties are working hard on integrating the results into a practical field test that indicates when the optimal harvesting time has been reached.