Upcoming events

11-13 June
Amsterdam (NL)

29-30 July
Biostimulant CommerceCon
Atlantic City (USA)

30 July - 1 August
Agribusiness Trade Summit
Atlantic City (USA)

18-21 November 
NewAg World Biostimulant Congress
Barcelona (ES)

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NSure will be present in Basel

NSure will be present at the 10th Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting ABIM. The congress will be held at the Congress Center Basel, Switzerland 19-21 October 2015

NSure will be present in Basel by its CEO, Theo Aanhane, CTO Peter Balk and Sales Manager Mireia Ibanez. If you are in town and interested in a meeting, please do get in touch. We’ll  be happy to speak to you about the possibilities* of the NSure technology. If you want to make an appointment please contact NSure info@nsure.nl.

*When is the best time to apply plant growth regulators? What are the side effects of herbicides on crops? Are biostimulants and other additives really effective? Our testing method offers a powerful tool for researching the efficacy, dosage and application timing of these and other agents. NSure develops tailor-made tests for this purpose.

19 - 21 October 2015
ABIM, 10th Annual Biocontrol
Industry Meeting, Basel (CH)