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NSure at NewAg congress on Biostimulants


The need for a better understanding of the mode of action of Biostimulants was one of the main topics at the “2nd World Congress on the use of Biostimulants in Agriculture” in Florence. Insight in the mode of action is the key to speed up and improve product development. NSure showed its expertise and proved to be at the forefront of developments.

Dr. Frank Hoeberichts presented his research on the crucial relationship between the stage of natural dormancy and optimal timing of Valagro’s bud break enhancing biostimulant “Erger”. This research has been performed as part of a long term relationship with the well-known Italian company Valagro. The trials were performed in practice, i.e. commercial Kiwi orchards in New Zealand and Italy. The presentation also showed the benefits of NSure’s partnership approach. 

Dr. Anne Kortstee presented her study on the molecular effects of a biostimulant on Tomato. She clearly showed how she discovered the mode of action of this product of the Spanish company Biovert. The indicator genes she selected can be used to further optimize the product’s formulation or its application (dosage, timing, etc.).

Both presentations proved the added value of transcriptomics for product development of Biostimulants. NSure offers this powerful tool to obtain insight in the mode of action of Biostimulants. Our key competences: 10 years of expertise, field trials in commercial/agricultural practice, broad experience in non-model crops, partnership approach.

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