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NEW - FreshNSure Apple test

NSure increased her range of tests with the FreshNSure Apple test. Using the FreshNSure test, it can easily be proven whether a batch of apples has been treated with 1-MCP or not.

Nowadays, a lot of fruit, vegetables and flowers are treated with 1-MCP. They are treated with 1-MCP to improve shelf life and to protect them from the adverse effects of ethylene. 1-MCP terminates ripening and is applied in storage to maintain quality of recently harvested fruits, vegetables and flowers. 1-MCP application, however, is sometimes not wanted or even not allowed. Organically grown fruit, for example, should never be treated with 1-MCP.

Can you, at one glance, see the difference between treated or not treated apples? 1-MCP application leaves no residue on apples after treatment. Our FreshNSure test measures gene activity changes due to 1-MCP treatment, as a result of which we can prove whether it has been applied or not. Still after months in storage, the effect of treatment can be measured.

Interested in our FreshNSure Apple test or in FreshNSure applications in other crops? Please contact us: we’ll be happy to talk to you about the possibilities of the NSure technology.