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The ColdNSure test helps decision-making in ornamental and forest tree nurseries operations

During the cultivation of forest tree seedlings and ornamentals, nurseries must make irreversible decisions which have a major impact on quality. Therefore, it is essential that nurseries have access to reliable methods that can help them through those crucial decision-making moments.

NSure has a freezing tolerance test, called the ColdNSure test, on the market for 1-2-year-old seedlings of Norway spruce (Picea abies), Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) and Douglass fir (Pseudotsuga menziessii). This test is based on measuring the activity of a specific set of genes which are involved in the development of freezing tolerance. By using the test, nurseries can accurately monitor freezing tolerance and determine when a batch of seedlings is ready for frozen storage. In Scandinavia, the test is broadly used for over a decade, and the last few years NSure observed an increase in the market for the ColdNSure in North West Europe.

 similar test that determines when plants are ready for cold storage is on the market for Hydrangea. For Viburnum opolus ‘Roseum’, a test is available that determines if dormancy has been released sufficiently after a period of cold weather.