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New BreakNSure Hayward test

NSure has developed a new test: the BreakNSure Hayward. In close collaboration with Zespri, the BreakNSure test has been developed to accurately monitor the physiological status of your vines. This easy-to-use test, enables you to determine the optimal moment for your budbreak treatment. Thus optimise king flowers, increase percentage budbreak and tighten your flowering window. BreakNSure Hayward leads to improved yield!

Budbreak enhancers are used to stimulate early and uniform budbreak. Timing is crucial to achieve the optimal result. The BreakNSure test is available for Hayward kiwifruit. The results show the stage of your vines, thus if they are ready to treat. A practical sampling kit is provided to do an easy sampling on location. You only need a few drops of juice, from 25 buds. The local laboratory ’Hill Laboratories’ will performed the analysis.

To order your sampling kit or for more information, please contact your local merchant or retailer.