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Molecular test for plant quality

Frank Hoeberichts of NSure outlined work that had been undertaken within the recently completed QBerrySure project (2012 to 2015) that aimed to develop strawberry quality assays using innovative molecular diagnostics, integrated with crop management systems. 

This will allow the optimization of downstream chain decisions and production management, thus preventing losses and improving product quality and sustainability. DLV Plant, in The Netherlands and the UK, Wallings Nursery Ltd in the UK, Neessen Aardbei & Aspergeplanten V.o.f. and NSure bv collaborated in the project.

Using StoreNSure Strawberry it’s possible to determine whether the young strawberry runner plants are vital enough and can be lifted to be put into cold storage with a good storability. To ensure good quality plants after storage, strawberry plants have to be lifted at the right moment, when they have enough cold hardiness. The StoreNSure test can be used to determine this moment. With one sample NSure can determine what stage the sample is at: ’Ready’ or ’Not Ready’ for cold storage.

Sampling has to be done before lifting of the plants and involves taking 25 plants at random from one field. After sending the plants to NSure, customers will receive  a report on the status of their plants within 48 hours.

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