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NSure launches new BreakNSure Hayward test in New Zealand

NSure has extended her range of tests by introducing the BreakNSure Hayward test. This test provides kiwifruit growers with a practical and reliable tool  to determine the optimal moment for a budbreak treatment. Thus optimising flowering, fruit set and fruit quality of kiwifruit. The test is currently available for New Zealand kiwi growers. 

Budbreak enhancers are used to stimulate and synchronise budbreak in numerous fruit crops across the world. They are necessary to maximise potential production and subsequent economic returns. Precise timing of the application has been found crucial to achieve optimal results. The BreakNSure Hayward test provides a reliable tool to determine this moment, based on the actual status of your orchard. 

In kiwifruit, an optimal budbreak treatment easily results in a 10% increase of flowering (= fruits) compared to a sub optimal treatment. In close collaboration with Zespri International, NSure has developed a molecular test providing insight in the actual status of an orchard. As a consequence of the close correlation between the activity of a number of selected kiwifruit genes and the result of a budbreak treatment, it is possible to determine whether an orchard is ready for an optimal treatment or it’s better to wait a little longer.

Only a few drops of fluid from some buds of kiwi vines are needed to know whether an orchard is ready for an optimal budbreak treatment. Due to a local collaboration with Hill Laboratories in Hamilton, NSure is able to provide the test result within 48 hours after the sample was delivered at the laboratory. This easy to use test is currently available for Hayward, the largest, green kiwifruit variety. A BreakNSure test for “Gold3” is under construction. A prototype test has been developed and will be further validated this winter ahead of an intended release in New Zealand in 2017.

If you are interested in BreakNSure Hayward for kiwifruit, please, contact our exclusive distributor for the New Zealand market: Farmlands Co-operative New Zealand, +64 (0)800 200 600.

If you are interested in the opportunities of the unique NSure technology for your crop, please, feel free to contact us.