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AppleGenie at Interpoma

The AppleGenie team is glad to invite you to visit us at Interpoma, from 24-26 November. We will be in the Sector CD: No. stand - C21/44 (TR Turoni). During Interpoma, interactive presentations have been scheduled every two hours in several language. 

In the AppleGenie stand you can meet and interact with the AppleGenie Project team. They are all prestigious research institutes: IRTA (Spain), Plant and Food Research (NZ), CTIFL (France), and the University of Bologna that have combined their efforts with high tech. SME’s like NSure (NL), Turoni (IT) and Open Natur (SP).

AppleGenie project is an SME driven project funded by the European Community. The project aims at crossing the bridge between science and practice. Ineffective chemical thinning and the storage disorder bitter pit lower the production of high quality apples in Europe. The AppleGenie project will develop diagnostic tests to handle and overcome these bottlenecks in apple horticulture.

The test result should provide valuable information for the customer about insight in how to apply chemical thinners to achieve optimal profitability. Whereas regarding the test to be developed for bitter pit, the AppleGenie consortium is focussed on risk prediction before harvest. Preventive measures can then be taken if needed to overcome severe losses during storage. The diagnostics is based on gene activity measurements.

NSure would be glad to explain you more about the technical aspects of AppleGenie project.