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NSure wins Food Valley award 2010

At the Food Valley Conference in Ede, The Netherlands,  NSure has been elected the winner of the Food Valley Award 2010.  NSure receives this prestigious price for the programme ‘Grip on quality of apples and pears’. This is a decision support system based on NSure’s innovative technology to assess fresh produce quality by measuring on gene activity profiles.  The pome fruit assay programme allows growers to predict the optimal harvest moment. After harvest it enables an efficient sales planning because it can select in advance the high-risk batches that will not survive long term storage.


 Grip on quality of apples and pears

Pome fruit is  harvested in a relatively short period and then stored in special conditions to allow the year round delivery of healthy and high quality fruits. The quality after storage strongly depends on the physiological condition of the fruit when it enters the stores. This condition  is determined during growth and by the harvest moment. In co-operation with stakeholders in the Dutch fruit industry NSure developed an innovative technology to predict the optimal harvest moment.


Solid results

Apart from predicting harvest timing the NSure technology enables an efficient sales planning because it can select in advance the high-risk batches that will not survive long term storage. This limits the financial risk for both grower and packer and enhances the efficiency and the sustainability of the whole industry. For the consumer it means optimal quality with respect to colour, taste and other quality aspects of the fruit, even after long term storage.

“NSure is a young company with strong ambitions to grow.  We are proud and honored to receive this  recognition for our work. It will certainly be of value in our plans for international expansion.”, says Monique van Wordragen, NSure’s CEO. She acknowledges the role of the Dutch pome fruit industry in the awarded innovation. “The support and trust of Dutch fruit production consultants, of innovative growers , and most importantly of our launching customers the co-operative sales organisations The Greenery, Auction ZaltBommel, and Auction Zuid-Limburg have been essential in accomplishing this innovation.”

Building on the Dutch knowledge infrastructure

With the Food Valley Award the Food Valley foundation rewards the most innovative initiative in the food and food-related industry. This year the members of the jury were: J. Maat, General Director Top Institute Food & Nutrition (president of the jury), P. Buwalda, Manager Innovation Centre Food AVEBE, A. Mensink, Director International Relations and Projects Food Valley, J. Nelissen, Director Newtricious B.V., H. Verhagen, Head Centre for food and Health RIVM and H. de Vries, former Inspector of the ministry of Public Health. The jury judged the submissions for the 2010 Award with respect to innovative value, co-operation, viability and social responsibility. “NSure is an innovative starting company, that is already active in various parts of the World. The company is an example of  high-value export, that builds on to the knowledge infrastructure of the Netherlands. An exceptional enterprise that rightly deserves this innovation award.” according to Jan Maat, president of the jury. (read the judicium of the jury or watch the video)