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Nomination Food Valley Award 2010

NSure’s molecular diagnostic technology for quality control in the production and distribution of apples and pears has been selected as one of the three most distinctive initiatives in the fields of innovation, co-operation and corporate social responsibility. The other two selected companies are Smilde Bakery and VanDrie Group. The three innovative companies are nominated for the Food Valley Award 2010.  By issuing the Food Valley Award, the  Food Valley Foundation is rewarding the most innovative initiative in the Food and Food-related industry in The Netherlands.


NSure competes for the Award with the program: Grip on quality of apples and pears”. Fresh produce often passes through complex distribution chains on the way from producer to consumer. Before sending a batch on  long distance transport or into long-term storage it is essential to make a proper estimate of the quality of the product. This will prevent excessive loss of quality, leading to wasted products.  Every year at least 10% of the apple and pear production is discarded because after opening the cold stores the product quality turns out to be too low for selling. Pom fruit is  harvested in a relatively short period and then stored in special conditions to allow the yearround delivery of healthy and high quality fruits. The quality after storage strongly depends on the physiological condition of the fruit when it enters the stores. This condition  is determined during growth and by the harvest moment. In co-operation with stakeholders in the Dutch fruit industry NSure developed an innovative technology based on measuring the activity of fruit genes. “This technology  allows growers to predict the optimal harvest moment. After harvest it enables an efficiënt sales planning because it can select in advance the high-risk batches that will not survive long term storage. This limits the financial risk for both grower and packer and enhances the efficiency and the sustainability of the whole industry. ”, says  Monique Van Wordragen, CEO of NSure.


In their assessment the  jury considered this program to be one of the most innovative submissions.   The members of the jury for Food Valley Award 2010 are:  J. Maat, CEO of the  Top Instituut Food & Nutrition (President of the Jury), P. Buwalda, Manager Innovation Centre Food AVEBE, A. Mensink, Scientific Affairs Food Valley Foundation, J. Nelissen, CEO Newtricious B.V., H. Verhagen, Head Centre for Food and Health RIVM and H. de Vries, Ministry of Health and Environment. The winner of the award will be announced during the Food Valley Conference on 7 October in CineMec, Ede, the Netherlands.


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