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ColdNSure now available for Larch

The ColdNSure assay can be used as a decision support tool for managers of forest tree nurseries. The assay generates certainty on the hardiness status of a batch of seedlings. ColdNSure assays was already available for Beech, Scots pine, Douglas fir and Norway spruce. Now Siberian and hybrid Larch have been added. The assay has been validated in Lugnet nursery, part of the Svenska Skogsplantor group in Sweden.


In most forest tree nurseries, a reliable determination of seedling frost hardiness is essential for managing the autumn/winter operations. Bare root seedlings cannot be lifted when they are not fully hardened and for containerised stock, the hardiness stage is of vital importance for determining the moment of transfer to cold or frozen storage. The need for reliable decision support tools in these situations is especially obvious in large nurseries that operate several growth cycles in one season and thus work with tight logistical schedules.


Seedlings that have not been sufficiently hardened before lifting or transfer to cold storage will show reduced vitality and regrowth potential upon outplanting in the next season. ColdNSure offers decision support for nursery managers.