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11-13 June
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29-30 July
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Atlantic City (USA)

30 July - 1 August
Agribusiness Trade Summit
Atlantic City (USA)

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NewAg World Biostimulant Congress
Barcelona (ES)

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NSure appoints Manager Marketing & Sales

As per first of March 2009 the team of NSure has been expanded with mr. Haye Radersma who will take up the position of manager Marketing an Sales. NSure, specialized in the development and sales of advanced quality tests, has a strong position with the Dutch apple and pears producers. There is a strong ambition to extend the activities both internationally as well as broadening the product range to different kinds of produce. The experience with the opening of new markets that Haye Radersma has gained in different functions with Isagri SA and Rovecom BV will be a distinct advantage.