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European interest for NSure assays

NSure’s innovative maturation assays for top-fruit have drawn international attention. The assays were introduced to the European market at the Fruit Focus event in the UK, in July. By now several organisations in different countries are using the assays.

In Germany the Kompentenzcentrum Gartenbau has set up trials to test the NSure assays on Alexander Lucas pears and Braeburn apples. In the UK, Flanders and Spain the RipeNSure assay for Conference pearr is being applied commercially. Flanders customers can order the assays via the consultancy desk VCTB.

The research institute IRTA in Spain investigates, in co-operation with NSure whether the RipeNSure test can be applied on Blanquilla pears.  In Italy attention is focussed on a group of 5 growers who are performing a trial using RipeNSure on Abate Fetel pears (picture). A postive result will lead to large scale application of the RipeNSure assay by  Abate Fetel growers in both Italy and South America.

 In France the company  Perlim  is often first in implementing innovations. In the coming season Perlim will perform a trial using the  NSure maturation assays on Golden Delicious apples.