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Three major Dutch fruit auctions co-operate with NSure

In pear production and trade a stable product quality throughout the year has become increasingly important. After harvest, pears are stored at low temperatures and under modified atmospheric conditions. In such a controlled environment, pears usually retain a high quality. However, sometimes things go wrong, especially in years when the weather conditions deviate from average. It is very difficult to predict which batches are suitable for storage and which should be sold directly.  The consequences are disappointed customers and loss for the producer. To ensure a  constant quality of pears throughout the year, a reliable method for the prediction, at harvest time,  of after storage quality is essential. Three main Dutch fruit auctions Auction Zaltbommel, Co-operative Fruit Auction Zuid-Limburg and The Greenery have joined forces with NSure and the research institute AFSG to develop such an assay.

The new test, named StoreNSure, will be used to distinguish between batches of pears that can be stored for a longer period and those batches that have a high risk for storage disorders. In addition an after-storage firmness prediction will be incorporated in the assay.

NSure expects to be able to offer the StoreNSure test to producers associated with one of the three auctions, by next year (season 2008).