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Interest in NSure products from US and Canada

Forest tree nurseries in the Northwestern part of the US and in Canada have shown interest in the ColdNSure Pinus assay.

Forestry is an important economical activity in those regions. However, the ColdNSure Pinus/Picea assays have been developed for the Scandinavian market and are not directly applicable for use for the economically important species in the US and the Canadian forestry sectors. Therefore, NSure has developed a new variant of the assay ColdNSure Pseudotsuga. This assay will be evaluated in the winter season 2006/2007, in close co-operation with Dr. Diane Haase of the Oregon State University. Dr Haase: ‘I am currently planning a project to examine relationships among cold hardiness, chilling hours, dormancy, day length, storage, seed source, and stock type. This study would begin this fall.  I’m very happy to be able to include NSure as another method for evaluating seedling status. I’m really curious how it relates to our standard tests.’