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NSure starts co-operation with Fruitconsult

In the autumn of 2006, a trial will start which is aimed at large-scale evaluation of the RipeNSure assay in practice. The trial will be conducted by NSure and Fruitconsult. In addition, over 30 pear growers will participate.

An accurate determination of the optimal harvest moment is of crucial importance for the quality of the fruit. Each year, therefore, the pear sector invests time and money in establishing the right time to pick. The Dutch firm Fruitconsult is a renowned expert in this field and operates in many European countries.  Jan Peeters, Fruitconsult advisor, is closely involved in the annual harvest time determiantion. Peeters: ‘Our standard measurements result in a reliable insight in the optimal harvest moment for a region. However, we would like to be able to de a more detailed measurement, for instance on the level of individual orchards.’  Fruitconsult and NSure have combined forces to accomplish this. The RipeNSure assay is eminently suited for monitoring the ripening development in an orchard in detail. Starting next autumn (2007), the assay will be commercially available for all pear growers.