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Revolutionary improvement of sampling procedure

Sampling plant tissue for molecular analysis, such as determining DNA, RNA or protein content, used to be a troublesome affair. The biomolecules lose stability at the moment the tissue is disrupted.

The common solution to this problem is to immerse the tissue sample as quickly as possible into liquid nitrogen that has a temperature of -190 °C. But what to do when you do not have liquid nitrogen at hand? This dilemma is not unique for plants, but is of importance in medical analysis as well.  The solution has been developed by Whatmann. For taking blood samples at distant locations, e.g. the African countryside, this firm has designed specially prepared sample cards that stabilize all components of the blood sample. NSure recognised the possibilities for agro-diagnostics and designed a procedure to open up this so-called FTA-card for stakeholders in agri-business. Thanks to this development, molecular diagnostics is now available for agro-practice. Samples can be taken anywhere and by anyone without the need for dangerous substances such as liquid nitrogen.