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Establishment of NSure

In Wageningen, NSure BV has been established, a new company that will develop and sell innovative quality assays for fresh agro-products.

The company builds on a method that has been developed by the Agrotechnology & Food Sciences Group (AFSG), part of Wageningen University and Research Centre. The assay method is a revolutionary improvement compared to the current determinations, because it is based on information directly extracted from the fresh product’s cells. Dr. Monique van Wordragen, CEO for NSure, has been involved in the development of the technology as programme-co-ordinator at AFSG. Van Wordragen: ‘Not many scientists have the opportunity to see their ideas develop into an application that is useful for society.  NSure assays will help managing agroproduction and agrodistribution chains in a highly efficiënt way.  Our clients will be able to minimize financial risks by using an NSure assay at the right moment.’
Van Wordragen expects the first assays to be introduced to the market in the autumn of this year.